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Contemporary Memorials - Bird baths

Bird baths as a memorial are a popular contemporary choice for families to remember their loved ones. Ashes can be buried or scattered beneath the memorials with some accommodating up to two sets of ashes within the pedestal.

There are many special places to position these memorials within our Gardens of Remembrance. If you wish, you can purchase these for your home garden.

Granite, marble and sandstone have been used to create a varied and interesting range of contemporary bird baths.  Speak with a member of our dedicated memorials team to discuss what options are available to you.


Bird Bath with Two Carved Birds

Light grey granite.
Approx. height 30” (76cm)
Reference: BB 03

Bird Bath on Column

Can also contain ashes inside the column.
In light grey granite approx. height 28” (70cm)
Reference: BB 04

Bird Bath with Twist Column

Modern stylish bird bath in light grey granite.
Approx. height 24” (60cm)
Reference: BB 06